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Unfortunately, toxic torts and forever chemicals are on the rise due to periods of deregulation and changing enforcement priorities in the U.S. 


As tort attorneys look to hold the polluters and manufacturers of toxic materials and forever chemicals accountable for their actions in order to grant justice to victims whose lives have been forever affected, it is critical to be armed with the most current scientific, legal, and strategic information for case development and execution . 


Join us September 13, 2022 for the Masters of Mass Tort TOXIC: Forever Chemicals and Contaminated Water conference in downtown Denver, Colorado at the Le Meridien Hotel.

The conference will convene top legal minds, scientific experts, and public officials from around the country to address the serious and growing public health and environmental challenges threatening our water, air, bodies, and other ecosystems. 


Agenda items include discussions of the successful C8 DuPont litigation, the ongoing AFFF litigation, and the newly constituted Camp LeJeune litigation.  Please see below for a complete listing of the agenda and speakers.

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